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Club Pecqueur Motorists, a different kind of club

Image - Club Pecqueur Motorists, a different kind of club

There are at least four good reasons to join the Club Pecqueur Motorists, which invites its members to immerse themselves in the mechanical arts and embrace their most extravagant aspirations. We offer a portfolio of bespoke services and exclusive opportunities, available only to Club members.

Bespoke Motoring Lifestyle: one slogan, four major benefits:

  1. Priority information on new market offers
    • Off-market access to listings of exclusive vehicles for sale.
  2. PACE Programme – “Pecqueur Art Craft Engineering”
    • Access to special series created exclusively for Pecqueur Motorists Club members and developed in collaboration with exclusive automotive brands distributed by BPM.
  3. Bespoke “Motoring Lifestyle” events
    •  Access to a selection of major European motoring events (logistics are handled by a Personal Assistant).
    • Access to one-off Club events (four per year) whose unique feature is to bring together different domains – automotive, motorcycle, aviation, yachting – in an innovative way. See the Club offer relating to the Carrera Panamericana in the NEWS section of the Newsletter.
  4. Cross-disciplinary communication platforms
    • Access to our “Watch the Club” newsletter via a confidential code available on our website, for members of the different chapters linked to the club’s four domains.

And of course, in addition to all these services, the Pecqueur Motorists Club allows you to indulge your passion within a very exclusive community of genuine lovers of the Mechanical Arts.

 How to become a member

Membership of the Club Pecqueur Motorists is secured through purchase of a Club Pecqueur Motorists watch.

Price of lifetime membership: €21,360, VAT included

The exclusive Club Pecqueur Motorists timepiece is fitted with a movement whose GMT Dual Time complication is a tribute to Onésiphore Pecqueur, the watchmaker and mechanical genius who invented the differential mechanism.


Manager adhérents au Club
Romain Guettal
+41 79 478 91 30

Gouvernance et développement du Club
Jean-Philippe Coulaud
+41 79 286 00 14

Atelier d’Etablissage Pecqueur LTM, Rue de l’Hôpital 33, CH-2144 Fleurier

Crédits photo © Dominique Fontenat