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A Club intended for enthusiasts of Mechanical Arts in Motion

Image - A Club intended for enthusiasts of Mechanical Arts in Motion

Patrick Bornhauser, President of BPM Group (right) with Guido Giovannelli, Director of BPM Exclusive (left)

The Club Pecqueur Motorists is intended for enthusiasts of the Mechanical Arts in all their rich diversity. I assume you’re one of them – as I am myself! All my life, I’ve been fascinated by beautiful cars, powerful motorbikes, exceptional planes, mighty off-shore or vintage motorboats, haute horlogerie timepieces, and all the other mechanical marvels born of human ingenuity.

That’s what gave me the idea of founding a club for individuals looking to develop a stronger connection with the finest, most ambitious, most exclusive mechanical creations, to share their passion, and to meet the brilliant minds behind these inventions. My vision for the club involves offering exceptional events and experiences that align with the extraordinary breadth of our collective interests. That’s how the Club Pecqueur Motorists was born.

Why Pecqueur? In tribute to master watchmaker Onésiphore Pecqueur, born in 1792, who is considered the very first automobile engineer. In 1819 he invented a mechanical differential for lockworks of wall clocks and, in 1827, applied this innovation to the chassis of a steam-driven vehicle prototype. This adaptation of clockwork mechanics to an automotive context symbolised for me much of what I wanted to express through the Club: my instinct that the mechanical arts are all part of a mutually enriching ecosystem, which thrives on technological innovation – yes – but also on the deep emotional connections it fosters.

It was the perfect narrative. And so, I decided that membership of the Club Pecqueur Motorists would not be signified by a mundane plastic card, but by something far more exclusive  – something that captures the essence of Pecqueur Motorists’ DNA. There would be no membership card as such. Instead, there is a watch – a unique timepiece, specially designed and produced in limited thematic series. Each numbered watch is identified with a single Club member.

Furthermore, to capture the essence of the Club, I wanted the watch to feature an exclusive GMT complication inspired by Onésiphore Pecqueur’s mechanical differential. Club members will bear it on their wrists as a marker of their interest, a subtle testament to their shared understanding and a symbol of pride in their membership. This unconventional approach reflects both my fascination with the mechanical arts and my goal of infusing the Club with unique and exclusive elements.

I do hope that we will welcome you soon into our fellowship of mechanical arts enthusiasts.

Patrick Bornhauser
Founding President of BPM Group