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The most exclusive Piguet Genève pen

Image - The most exclusive Piguet Genève pen

The art of writing is a “mechanical art in motion” governed by the hand, to accompany a journey of the mind. Piguet Genève presents an ultra-limited edition writing instrument that pays tribute to the motto: “The pen is mightier than the sword”.

The name Piguet is primarily associated with a watchmaking tradition that took root in 1875 in the Vallée de Joux. As for Albert Friedrich Piguet, he was a young craftsman who, in 1959, founded a workshop in Geneva dedicated to producing original, luxurious but relatively affordable writing instruments.

Albert Friedrich Piguet decided that the logo of his brand would represent Knight Rudolf, born in 1220, who was Count of Geneva from 1252 until his death in 1265. Described by Renaissance historians as “the noblest son of a noble father”, Chevalier Rudolf distinguished himself by his astute diplomatic correspondence, which allowed him to maintain peace in his domain while war raged all around. Through his own life’s work, this brilliant diplomat thus proved that “the pen is mightier than the sword”: powerful words that Albert Friedrich Piguet chose to take as his motto.

Produced in a limited run of just 100, this pen pays direct tribute to Chevalier Rudolf, proudly displaying the knight’s helmet as its top, and his sword as a clip, both in solid silver. The 14K white gold nib incorporates Piguet Genève’s state-of-the-art manufacturing expertise to offer an incomparable writing experience.

The limited edition Piguet Comte de Genève pens come in a wooden box richly decorated with Chevalier Rudolf’s coat of arms and heraldic symbols. The inside of the lid features an engraving of the Château de Saint-Maurice, where he lived.

Piguet Comte de Genève, €2,500