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J-Craft Torpedo, glam power

Image - J-Craft Torpedo, glam power

It’s impossible not to fall in love. Everything about this boat oozes grace and beauty: proportions, materials, equipment. Every detail has been carefully calibrated to conjure up the legendary films that defined glamour for an entire generation.

The boat may scream la Dolce Vita, but the J Craft Torpedo in fact comes from Sweden. Its heritage is impressive: the J Craft workshops are in Gotland, Sweden’s largest island, right across from Latvia on the icy Baltic Sea. It’s said that the Vikings built their longboats there, and it remains the centre of Sweden’s naval construction industry today. J Craft, which has been in business since 1999, makes a point of honouring tradition, valuing craftsmanship and demanding excellence. All of these qualities can be found in their Torpedo, a superb 42-foot runabout (12.63 metres). Despite being a familiar sight in the balmy marinas of Monaco and Porto Cervo, these boats are designed to cope with the rigours of the high seas in the extreme north of the Baltic Sea.

Everything is made by hand and on request. When you choose a J Craft Torpedo, you’re not just choosing a boat. You’re expressing your love for the sea, a certain lifestyle, and fine craftsmanship. You can start with the online configurator ( and play around with the different hull colours, finishes and equipment. But to bring your dream to life, you’ll need to spend some time talking to J Craft’s designers before manufacturing can start.

J Craft and Club Pecqueur Motorists have plenty in common. Each Torpedo is absolutely unique, reflecting the wishes of a unique individual. Each Torpedo is individually built by a small team, which works on the boat from the very beginning to the day it’s launched, and beyond. It takes at least 8,000 hours to build each boat, and often more. The mahogany deck alone requires 18 coats of primers and varnish to create the perfect finish that will withstand time and the elements, without losing its old-time Hollywood glamour.

Beneath the timeless appearance of the classic runabout of the 50s and 60s lies high-performance technology. The J Craft Torpedo is powered by two latest-generation Volvo Penta IPS (Inboard Performance System) inline 6-cylinder engines. There are four types of powertrains to choose from, with individual displacement and power ranging from 3.7 to 6.7 litres and 400 to 650 horsepower.

Power is transmitted to two sets of forward-facing counter-rotating dual propellers, which pivot independently from one another to steer the boat. There’s no rudder: instead, the electronic steering is controlled by a joystick, allowing for highly precise manoeuvres, particularly when navigating in harbours, ensuring a majestic arrival accompanied by the subtle shimmer of mahogany, in perfect keeping with the Torpedo’s effortless styling.

Further advantages of this extremely compact powertrain include a maximum speed 20% higher than traditional systems, with fuel consumption that is 30% lower at cruising speed, and significantly reduced vibrations and noise levels, even with a full load. Equipped with the 650 RS engine, the J Craft Torpedo offers a cruising speed at medium load of 30 knots (~56 km/h), allowing for a range of around 280 nautical miles (520 km). With the throttle fully open, the wind in your hair and the sea spray in your eyes, you can rip through the waves at a speed of 47 knots (87 km/h).

The “Babebi” that turned heads at the Cannes and Monaco Boat Shows at the end of last year was the 21st Torpedo produced by J Craft. With a metallic-finish hull, brass interior and upholstery in yellow and cream with diamond stitching, the styling is bold, original and extremely refined. The boat can easily accommodate up to 10 people for a day cruise, and the luxurious cabin is equipped to allow four people to travel, live and sleep in comfort. Ultimate glamour on the high seas.

Photo credits: ©J Craft Boats AB